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Clout's well crafted water-pipes include a unique blend of scientific and artistic glassblowing. Their Slit head slides are an attachment for a water-pipe that has 5 strategically placed slits for better airflow rather than one tiny hole in the center. Another signature is their original “Clouticello” layers which are two separate perfect spiral layers of color sleeved over each other to create a three dimensional hypnotic design. The “Worm” or “Noodle” percolator is the most well known Clout original, it is a percolator inserted inside of a water-pipe that is bent like or worm or noodle, again with multiple strategically placed slits for increased filtration. Clout guarantees a one of a kind work of art every time. The organic shapes, designs and line working on every piece mimic those found in nature. Clout’s success driven attitude does not compromise their creativity; they are never reluctant to capture the moment and create something new.

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